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We believe in making Cannabis a Reliable Medicine for those who wish to consume it.


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of cannabis users surveyed in Michigan admitted that they have trouble choosing between two similar cannabis products.

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of cannabis users surveyed in Michigan admitted that they don’t know how a cannabis product will affect them if it is labeled a “Hybrid” strain.

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of cannabis users surveyed in Michigan think that budtenders try to provide them with a good product recommendation, but when we asked the same group if budtenders consistently get their suggestion right, everyone agreed that they do not!

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Reduced wait times, 
Dominate Rush Hour!

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No training, no problem! StrainSeekr shortens the learning curve, allowing new budtenders to become productive salespeople on day 1.

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StrainSeekr works alongside your dispensaries current operational processes so implementation has never been easier!

Up to date inventory

StrainSeekr suggestions are always in stock!

Address your customers needs

increase retention & revenue with a science based approach to cannabis shopping!

Personalized Recommendations

Budtenders finally have the tools they need to support their recommendations making them the cannabis expert that they need to be!



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